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Callunblock Features

CallUnblcok features


Caller id Unblock Service

Caller ID Unblock Service

CallUnblock can reveal the phone number of a person calling with a blocked number. When a call comes in with a blocked Caller ID, simply reject the call or don't answer. This will send the call to CallUnblock for caller ID retrieval. The call will quickly be sent back to you. This time with the caller ID unmasked. The caller hears a normal ring tone and is unaware that the call is being traced to its source.


Reverse Phone Number Lookup

CallUnblock Reverse Phone Number Lookup service provides you with the name and location of the caller based on their phone number. Our service queries caller ID data sources and can either text you the results of the lookup, or make it available on the CallUnblock website for your review.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup


 Blacklist Callers

Blacklist Callers

With CallUnblock you can choose to route unwanted callers to a 'phone not in service' message. This will send a clear signal to the caller to stop trying to contact you.


Record Incoming Calls

This option allows you to Record all incoming calls forwarded through CallUnblock to a file. Recordings will be available for download at CallUnblock website.

 Record Incoming Calls


Missed Call ALerts

Missed Call Alerts

You can configure CallUnblock to send you a text message with the Caller ID, Name, and location of calling party whenever you miss a call. The caller information is captured and text to you even when the phone is turned off.


Android and Iphone App

CallUnblock is all about choice. Would you rather call from a PC, Android or iPhone? Download one of our apps and get started to explore all our Services. You can download our Android App by visiting Google Play Store. and Iphone App from Itunes.

Track Calls

Track Incoming Calls at

Visit our website and track your incoming calls. We provide an easy to read interface that lets you see all the calls that were processed by CallUnblock. You will be able to see the number of the caller, their name/location lookup, and time of the call for all your incoming calls.


Voicemail Transcription

You can get the Transcripted text for all the Voicemail messages you can go to the Settings and can choose your desired way of receiving the Transciption text. It can be either by SMS or by EMAIL or even both.

Voicemail Transcriptions

Email Voicemail

Email Voicemail

This option enables you to get the voicemail voice clippings in an email everytime you receive a voicemail. You can find the Voicemail voice files in the attachments of the email you receive


Single Command Enable/Disable

Service can be disabled anytime. A single command will allow you to disable the service at any time. There is nothing to uninstall.

Callunblock Enable/Disable
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